If you want to be a long runner on YouTube , maintaining strong community is very important. You have to keep your viewers fully satisfied with your content on a regular basis so that you will get their reviews from their comments, posts, likes which in return will give support to you and to your content which is very important for the growth and expansion of your channel. So, how can one make the viewers satisfied with the content on a regular basis?? How can one make the regular viewers to their videos???

This is the topic we are about to discuss today. We are going to look at 5 best ways to achieve this goal….

First: Reject the custom of Intros

Intros are one of the many reasons which are creating a bar between your videos to the audiences. When a person goes on watching a video he is firstly interrupted by an advertisement which makes him wait for some time to see the content of your video. If again comes the intro and it makes them wait for few more seconds, they loose their patience and interest too to watch the content behind it. So, it’s the time to say good bye to the intros. It lowers the viewer’s engagement by simply stopping them from watching the videos altogether.

Second : Keeping the consistency is a must

It is very important to keep the regular viewers in place. Your regularity in update is most important. To keep the regular viewers in hand and also to make newer one you should maintain a consistent video schedule so that viewers can keep faith on you regarding the urge to find something new.  You have to keep the things consistent if you want to make everything big.

Third: Make sure there is a flow

Maintaining a smooth flow within the videos is as important as to keep the flow from one to the next. To keep the viewers engaged to your videos one need to make sure that the videos audience watching one after one must be entertaining altogether. They should have a feeling that they are watching the same video they have clicked to watch on. So , making a good video flow is that essential. To create a successful video flow one should follow the topic rather than going on variety.

Fourth: Try to progress day by day

The people will get attached to your videos if you keep the promise to show them something better than the last time. It increases the number of subscriber. When a subscriber find every content to be something more better ,then they will be permanently get subscription to you because it will engage their expectation, satisfaction which won’t let them to indulge themselves with anything else. Always try to improve the quality of your content to offer something new everyday. Try to make every video answer the question “Would I subscribe to myself if I saw same type of videos?”. If the answer is “no”, then that is not a video you want to upload to your YouTube channel because if you are not ready to subscribe your channel than why other’s subscribe your channel? They wouldn’t. We have more YouTube Tips on many subject which you can check out by clicking here.

Fifth: Always make them alert to respond and ask to engage

If you want your audiences to engage with you or to subscribe your videos you have to remind them about it. It’s your responsibility to make them stop and pay attention to what you are asking for. If you remind them with any such question they might leave a comment or may give a like or even may subscribe. Statements such as “write a feedback if you like the video” or “Don’t forget to like or subscribe” or “don’t forget to drop a comment if you like us” can do the work properly. All this can make people joining your community as well.