Our Story as Best YouTube Partnership Network

The VidGenX YouTube Multi Channel Network was founded in 2015 by a group of extremely talented and experienced YouTube content creators. As a Best YouTube Partnership Network our ambition is to provide the special features and benefits to the YouTubers to make them reach the latest goals and expand their careers in the media industry like no other.

Our motto is the empowerment of YouTubers with quality tools and giving our partners the best opportunity to success in full-fledged way…

We are among the top YouTube MCN. From the very first days of its inception we are delivering quality services to the content creators of all genres and sizes, helping them to grow faster on YouTube. We provide all sort of stuffs from Music to Statistics, Trend assistance, audience engagement  to Optimization and graphics and lots more that you want to improve the quality of your video. All you can get in one place with us. Special features regarding high revenues earning is also one of the finest services we provide with music and video content creation.

In the earlier days when we were just started our YouTube Partner Program, the YouTube network market was in an entire mess having share divisions as 50% and video creators were often found locked into networks for two or three years without any way to exit from that crap. Our first agenda at that time was to completely change that inhibition. So, we started looking for a YouTube network to partner up with to realize that goal. We reached our goal in few months of extreme hard work and faith, becoming the first YouTube Network to provide up to 95% revenue share to creators of all types.

Nowadays we are able to guarantee every creator with a high revenue share and flexible contract.

One of the most attractive features of our YouTube network is that we never look for or gave preference to channels which have high view or subscriber amounts. Rather we are there for everyone and provide service which can be utilized by all our partners whether they are having 20 or 200000 subscribers. To find passionate and dedicated content creators on YouTube is what we always search for. We always ask for those content creators who have the urge to make their venture big and running it with eagerness. Therefore we concentrate on each channel individually to asses the hidden potential of it. We are offering you the best environment that supports the creative mind to explode, different efficient tools, multiple new opportunities, professional music library with numerous stock, sponsorship’s, collaborations and more in your unique partner exclusive dashboard to make you create the best. VIDGENX YouTube Network is growing incredibly fast these days with the multiple ventures and the dedication of our team. We are confident to inspire other networks as well.

Don’t be late!! Hurry!! Monetize your content and become a YouTube partner with the Best YouTube Partnership Network today. Our content genre is not limited within boundaries. We have access to various genres. We have our hands in gaming, music, comedy, editing and vlogging from all over the world to stretch our creative capabilities.


Maintain the position of VidGenX network as one of the best YouTube partnership network at present time as well as future also.


Regularly lots of YouTubers applying our network partnership permission. When a YouTubers join us, they do not leave our network. So our network strength day by day upgraded.


Place our network and also our YouTube partners to the Sky level with the help of our best features and benefits.


Our network growth statistics help us to invite more and more sponsors. Our all sponsors are very happy and they are more interested to invest on our network. So there is huge chance to get more benefits for our partners.

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Our Revenue Share Plans as Best YouTube Partnership Network




1000+ VIEWS


5000+ VIEWS


15000+ VIEWS

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