VIDGENX YouTube Network : What is it???

The VIDGENX YouTube network is a YouTube multi-channel network aimed to provide quality services to the content creators, providing efficient tools and other necessary related essentials so YouTubers can use their maximum potential to achieve their goal and boost up their YouTube career.

How does VIDGENX help YouTubers to grow faster on YouTube???

VIDGENX offer followings to our partners as per their channel strength –

  1. YouTube channel optimization
  2. High Revenue Share
  3. Sponsorships
  4. Free Webhosting
  5. No Lock In contract
  6. Full Transparency
  7. Powerful Dashboard
  8. Free Music Library
  9. Video Marketing Tips & Tricks
  10. Faster Payment

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VIDGENX YouTube network Requirements

We check out every application with great interest and figure out the quality and potential of the channel by analyzation. But two conditions are a must for the eligibility –

  • You are not permitted to have any copyright strike on your account
  • You must not have a disabled AdSense account.

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What about the revenue share for VIDGENX Partners and Networks???

Our revenue share varies from person to person. The amount of revenue share depends on the number of subscriber and monthly average views of your YouTube channels. If you succeeded on expanding your channel or your network than we will expand the revenue share as well.

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Can I make money referring VIDGENX network to my all friends???

Yes, of course. We have a recruiter plan. We provide a referral link to our all partners for referring us. If any one join our network by the using of your referral link than we paid you 15% commission of their total earning amount of each month up to 1 year.

Is there any age bar??

Definitely not!! We doesn’t bother with any age restriction. If you are minor you can join us with the approval of your parent or guardian.

What is the mode of payment?

At the end of each month you will get your money via Paypal .No thresholds are involved so you will get the right amount paid no matter what you earn. We also paid our partners via direct deposit, check, and Western Union.

Will I have to let anyone else to be called the owner of my creations???

No. Never. You will be the one and only owner . You will be totally independent as you were before being on YouTube.

How long does it take to get partnered?

After submitting the application you should hear from us within 1-2 days.

How long it takes to complete the entire procedure???

Within 24 hours of your signing the contract you will be invited to our Youtube content management system (cms) account  where you will receive the invitation to join our network. Sometimes, it happens within minutes after signing too. After your signing you must check your email every few hours to get the invitation. You have to allot a few hours for us to review your partnership application. Once you get the acceptance you will be signing our contract on step 2 of the partner process.You will get the link to do all these formalities in your acceptance letter sent by us.

After becoming a partner who will be the controller of the uploads, updates and layout of my channel???

You will have the ultimate control over your channel. We will be there just to provide you with all the stuff, guidance etc needed to make an outstanding content. Whatever needed to make something best we will provide to you . You will get important resources like copyright education, industry updates, royalty free music etc from us. We also provide you complete transparency to your earning data, as well as other proprietary Partner data in our Dashboard.

Can I not be a VIDGENX partner with a disabled AdSense???

As we have stated before you can’t join our network if your AdSense is disabled. You can ask for partnership only if you can appeal your ban and gets a reinstate, Otherwise not. You can checkout your email associated with the disabled adSense account for further information on how to appeal.

When the partners get the payment???

VIDGENX pays out all revenue earned in the month of September on November 1st.  We receive the money from Google Adsense on October 23rd, and pay you and all your channels about 7-8 days later. After the first payment, your next payments will come on monthly basis.

Within how much time VIDGENX will respond your email???

Generally we support our partners within 24 hours.

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Can I make a network under VIDGENX?

To make a network under VIDGENX network, you have to apply as NETWORK OWNER by hitting the “apply now” button on home tab.

Tell me about the strikes and how to handle it???

If you ever come across any strike, don’t get panic. Be cool headed and most importantly do not ever delete the video. Most of the creators commit the same mistake thinking removing the video will solve the problem. By removing the video you will make the situation worse. So, please don’t do that.

Copyright strikes and community guideline strikes are common. First one often requires you to email the copyright owner and the second one need to be appealed. If you feel unsure about how to handle a strike then we have our individuals trained to help you out… no worry!!

What are the basic requirements one need to be a partner???

Three most important requirements that to be clearly assured are :

Channel must produce regular video content

It must be in a good standing or position

And last but not the least it shouldn’t be partnered under any other youtube network.

Tell me more about a Youtube partnership network.What is it? How it works?

Youtube partnership networks are well built organizations that helps in the development of the online content creators mostly on the YouTube platforms. Partners of this networks are paid for the advertisements on the content and are granted with some special YouTube features and network support.

How to start my own network???

VIDGENX offer network permission. If you are fulfill our all requirements than you can apply our network permission.

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How do I leave VIDGENX network???

You can leave us any time whenever you want. Just email us 30 days prior notice.

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