Still wondering How to Start YouTube Advertising? YouTube Advertising Benefits? Why to consider YouTube Ads over TV Ads? How do YouTube ads work? What is the cost of YouTube Ad?

If you are full with questions like this, then please do yourself a favor and read below.

As we all know YouTube is the leading video network, having over billions of users and the second largest search engine. People spend more than 6 billion hours of time on YouTube for watching videos in every month. So, advertising on YouTube will not only be the smartest way for you to grow your business or your YouTube channel but also be saving your money. Let us have a clear view on the YouTube Ads.

youtube-indisplay-ad             youtube-instream-skippable               youtube-in-stream-non-skipp      YouTube Overlay Ads - YouTube Overlay Advertising

1. YouTube Ads: What are these? How they work?

YouTube ads are the paid advertisements which run on YouTube and different YouTube related websites and pages. They come in various YouTube advertising formats  like In-Stream Ads, Overlay In-Video Ads, Display and In-Display Ads. Different advertiser chooses different formats according to their business priorities.

2. How To Start Advertising on YouTube?

First of all, Create your Google AdWords Account. Then link your Adwords account with your YouTube account and set your advertisement as per your requirements.

3. Thinking about BUDGET?

Compare to the other advertising mediums, YouTube ads are much cheaper. You have to pay only when someone is watching your ad more than 30 seconds. Whereas, the TV Ads costs near $10,000-50,000, with YouTube Ads you can begin with very minimum amount. In TV Ads, there is no guarantee who ever or if anyone is watching your ad on other mediums or not but with YouTube advertising you can keep a thorough record of everything.

4. Which companies should go for YouTube Ads?

There is no such categorization in it. Any company or any YouTube channel can advertise on YouTube. The best thing is that YouTube Ad cost is very low comparing to the other medium of advertisements because companies have not yet started utilizing these golden opportunities. But we know the fact that people nowadays have become more digitalized and spending more time on their smart phones watching videos and doing other activities. So, with less competition you are finding more clients waiting to avail your offerings.  

5. In which method YouTube calculates the payment?

As I have said before you will only be payable if someone watches your ad for more than 30 seconds otherwise not. Among all the ads, Skippable Trueview In-Stream ads are best for low cost exposure.

6. Exposure that can be expected from a YouTube Ad campaign

If you want to maximize the exposure within your desired budget then you must concentrate on your geographical area and besides, YouTube Ads give you the freedom to target your clients according different priorities. You can target your audience according age, gender and their interests.

7. Why you should hire an agency to run your YouTube Ads if you have no ideas on How to Start YouTube Advertising?

If you don’t have any knowledge on How to Start YouTube Advertising, you should go with YouTube Certified agency to run and manage your YouTube Advertisement because all top rated YouTube Advertising Consultants will be well experienced on YouTube Advertising and can assures you with high ROIs within your minimal budget. Also they know many easy steps and Tips on YouTube Advertising to give you the highest return from your YouTube Ads. most well-known agencies charge 10%-25% of your monthly YouTube Ad spends to manage their client’s account.

I hope this article will surely help you in many ways. Don’t wait anymore start advertising on YouTube from now to take your business or your YouTube channel to a next level of success.