Now post less videos and get a higher amount of maximum views on YouTube . How??? Read on…..

If you search web you’ll come across many ways advising how to increase YouTube video views and get maximum views on YouTube. There are multiple tips and tricks are displayed, may be some of them works and some are only to waste your time. We are here today to share a trick which really works in reality.

Yes , it is true that you can get more views with less posts. We are not saying that less posts are necessity but it will surely help you to start uploading videos that are much more likely to get more views rather than others.

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle? It is also called the 80/20 principle. You can look on Wikipedia for the detailed theory. But I’m telling you in short. The main objective behind this theory is that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. For YouTube we can state that 80% of one channel’s views come from just 20% of your channel’s videos. This principle really works!! It may have shocked or puzzled you but it is the freaking truth.. You will understand it easily if you can see the fact that if you stop the random upload of videos with less content, you can use the time on making something exceptional and more targeting to your audiences which you are confident to get more views than others. So, stop uploading anything random but start uploading something on which you are 100% confident.

Three steps are described here which will definitely make you understand and give you Maximum Views on YouTube

First one : Proper Analyzation of your stats

Now this it the first step which should be implemented on your channel first. The proper analyzation of your channel’s stats from the last month. You can do it by going to the YouTube video manager. There you will find the “Analytics” sidebar. After that click on ‘views’ on the expanded analytics tab. On that page just scroll down to look at the top 10 videos that are present there.

Second one : proper decision of what videos to be uploaded

As you know  these are top 10 most watched videos of your channel from the last month, what you have to do is to check out the similarity or the common point of interest between the 10 videos. You have to figure it out by your own so that you can keep uploading videos of these types as they are generating most of the views. As you have seen the remarks for this type of videos, you are confident on their success. These are the videos which have the highest subscribers and may be some of the viewers have found your channel through these videos so, if you start uploading more videos like this you will surely get more views and more benefits.

Third one : Start now!!

Now start uploading those types of video. These are the videos which the audiences are demanding from you.What they are expecting to see from you because these are the audiences who are raising the amount of views and subscription so, don’t disappoint them. Post less videos but post videos with a content that the audiences are looking for. So don’t barge on the uploading huge quantity but recheck your content over best quality.