YouTube Content ID

Now you can protect your YouTube videos with YouTube Content ID feature. This feature is really useful to save your videos, your creations from stealing or uploading by other YouTube users.

If you find out someday that your videos are being stolen or uploaded by other YouTube users without your consent then you can contact VIDGENX copyright team to claim the videos for you.

VIDGENX is a YouTube Network offering YouTube Content ID. Offering YouTube Content ID features is one of the best benefits of VIDGENX Network. There is  a specific criteria to get Content ID for copyright owners.

Every videos are not eligible to get Content ID. If your video possess any such following features then VIDGENX will ban every claims of yours regarding the video Content ID.

Your videos must be free from these following marks regarding YouTube Content ID Policy:

Video Game play footage, Remixes of other creative works, Trailer Video, Copyright TV movies or series, Recordings of live performances like concerts – events, Compilations video, Copyrighted music or any clips from other YouTube channels.

Be very sure that your video is 100% genuine otherwise all your claiming efforts will go in vain. If you submit claims by following all the prescribed rules and regulations then their digital rights management system can work on your project faster and with more efficiency. It will bring more revenue to your channel within short time. Note : If the Content ID is generated then the revenues earned by the video will be divided at 50-50 revenue share and it is non-negotiable.

If your video claim is successfully executed then you will be having two choices to opt bin between. One to block the video and other to monetize. Monetizing is the better option. If you monetize the video then the earnings from the claimed videos will be updated within two weeks after a given month and may take up to atleast six months to appear on a channel’s monthly earning history.

So, we guess you are well awared about the Content ID feature and Content ID Claim. Now you can Content ID Appeals what belong to yours.

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