Now grow your channel with the fine utilization of Title, Description and Tag Tool On YouTube Videos

Today we are here to share with you the methods regarding the usage of Titles, description and Tags to grow YouTube channel from 4000 subscribers and 40000views per month to 20000 subscribers and above 550000 views per month in just 6 months.. By following some methods we got this results which anyone can see, is just amazing!!!  So, don’t waste your time and read on….

Let’s begin with the Titles –

It’s the first thing someone notices when they find your video or the search engines too. So, it is very important to give a suitable title to grow your channel.

The question that arises here often is: How the Title should be formatted???

Title should be clearly reflect the content of the video and also must be attractive to engage people to the channel. Title must be exceptional and super attractive so that people find themselves at least once to look in to the video.

One more thing is that when it comes to give title to a series, one need to keep the series title in first as Youtube’s search engine recognizes the title first and uses them as the most important keywords.

Descriptions –

When it comes to ranking in search engines, Descriptions becomes the most important part of the video as they can be loaded with full of relevant keywords to help people find your videos.

5 simple ways to write a significant description

  • Write a brief description of the video in about 3-4 sentences which conveys the content properly.
  • Any links relevant to your video like sponsors links that are mentioned within the video.
  • Link it to your social networks.
  • A long description of the video in one or two paragraphs.
  • Mention your popular video links

Tags –

Tags help in defining what search terms your video ranks for. Tags work in a specific way. If you are a gaming channel, you could start by putting the title of the game you are playing. After that, you need to start working your way down to be more specific; so next, you could put a different versions of the title of your video. After that, it is important to note that you need to fill the maximum tags on tag box until you can no longer to add tags. The max amount of characters you can have in tags is 500, so you want to be sure to ALWAYS hit that limit.