List of Top Best YouTube MCN

There are many YouTube Multi Channel Networks around like VIDGENX as Best YouTube Network. It is very hard to choose a single one as the best YouTube MCN, as there are different networks providing different features and fulfilling different priorities. These priorities differ with the size of your channel. If you have a small or medium sized YouTube channel then your criteria or targets will be totally different from a big-size YouTube channel. If you are thinking about partnering with one such YouTube partnership network but really confused about whom to rely upon, then you must choose VIDGENX. Because today maximum YouTubers know very well that VIDGENX is one of the best YouTube MCN in the world with lots of following benefits –

  1. Upto 95% Revenue share.
  2. High CPM Rate.
  3. No Lock in Contract.
  4. All Ad Formats are available.
  5. Fastest Payment.
  6. Many Payment Gateways.
  7. No Minimum Payout.
  8. We help you to Promote your videos.
  9. Free access of Royalty Free Musics and Sound Effects.
  10. Advanced Dashboard and many more…

 but here we tried to provide you a list of other seven best YouTube MCN which are also efficient and might be a good option for you to join.

  1. SCALELAB Network

Scalelab MCN - Best YouTube Multi channel network

Scalelab is a US based top YouTube network having more than 60,000 channels under their shed. According to many, it is the finest YouTube MCN around as it offers many excellent features of:

  • Highest Revenue Share.  
  • High CPM Rate.
  • Free access of multiple different apps.
  • Different payment methods depending on different priorities of various channels like PayPal, Qiwi wallet, Payoneer Bank Transfer, epayments,, Direct diposit and many more.
  • Dashboard available in different languages like Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Danish, Dutch, Arabic, and Russian etc.
  • They also help you to earn money from your stolen videos.

Join Scalelab with 80% Revenue share –


2. BroadbandTV Network

broadbandtv - Best YouTube MCN

BBTV Network and TGN Network are owned by the same company but these two networks are totally distinguished in their different offerings. TGN is more focused on gaming where BBTV is focusing on different entertainment genres like Music, Comedy, and Artists etc. It is easy to get in but holds a lengthy contract policy and provide very little revenue share. They offer primarily –

  • 60% revenue share.
  • 2 years contract length. 

Join BBTV with 60% Revenue share


3. FullScreen Network

fullscreen youtube network - Best YouTube Partnership Network

Fullscreen network reportedly holds the most vast sponsorship system with a huge variety of royalty free music, apps to increase your reach, sites for stock footage etc. which will help your channel to grow in a great way. But, this network is much backdated in terms of its contract length and policy (it binds you in 2 years’ lock-in contract and have 50$ threshold on their Paypal payments). If we go by the overall reviews, it is one of the biggest YouTube networks. According to the sources, it is very hard to join this network. They have strong average CPM.

Join FULLSCREEN with 60% to 70% Revenue share –


4. Freedom Network

freedom - Best YouTube Partnership Program

Freedom network was created by Ex-BBTV owner George Vanous. It is the largest YouTube network at current time. It is very famous with the small sized channels. It mainly consist numerous super small channels. Big channels are very few in number. George Vanous was attached to TGN Network previously but left it to start his own new brand and Freedom Network is born. This network offers decent sponsorship but their revenue sharing percentage is very low compared to other networks.

Join Freedom with 60% Revenue share –


5. StyleHaul Network

stylehaul - best YouTube network for small YouTube channels

This network is mostly Make-up industry oriented network. In terms of view, it is one of the premium YouTube networks around. If you run a YouTube channel dealing with fashion or make-up industry then it could be the best-suited option for you. But recently, some issues have been heard by many for their typical lengthy contract and delay-in-payment. They also offer low revenue share percentage.

Join Stylehaul with 60% Revenue share –


6. Machinima Network

machinima-best youtube networks for gamers

Once being a great YouTube gaming network, Machinima Network used to be the first choice for every YouTube gaming channel. But, nowadays, they have succumbed a lot from their original form as a YouTube network. It provides you comparatively high revenue share than others but one drawback is, it binds you in 3 years deal. It provides you with different referral programs and an audiomicro library. Apart from that, they don’t seem to have lot of external help (according to sources).

Join Machinima with 50% to 70% Revenue share –


7. Maker Gen Network

makergen - best youtube gaming networks

Maker Gen network is among the top 7. It is owned by Disney. Maker Gen is a big name having many popular channels as their partners. It is a plus point for the YouTubers as they will get hold of several sponsorships undoubtedly. They provide 70% of revenue share with 1 year contract length. They too accept all types of channels and offer perks like Epidemic Sound, AudioMicro, Epoxy, Spreadshirt. They offer payment options like PayPal and Cheque.

Join Maker Gen with 70% Revenue share –


We hope this Top YouTube Networks List will help you to choose your best-suited YouTube network in many ways. Also this Top YouTube MCN list will help you to judge that why VIDGENX is one of the Best YouTube Networks Globally. We have tried to give you an outline or brief idea about the YouTube partnership programs offerings and their drawbacks. According to our research, these seven are the best around us (focusing on different points and issues). If you think we have missed any or if you have any better suggestion, then you can add it in the comment section below. Thank you!