It’s a question severely asked that which YouTube Multi-channel Network is best to run a small YouTube channel or a new channel? There is no specific answer to it as it’s completely depending on your need and the position of the channel you are running.

The subject that comes in mind with the super most concern on choosing a MCN is the Revenue Share they provides.

Revenue Share Percentage Type for Small YouTube channel

The proportion of Revenue share a MCN provides wholly depends on the number of subscriber you have for your channel. Suppose you have 1000 subscriber or less, then doing 10000 video views per month can make you earn approx $50 a month. A network maximum takes 10% to 40%. But maximum YouTube networks automatically put all YouTube channel applications on their one and only revenue percentage share scheme that is 60% – 40% ratio. Some rare YouTube networks will offer YouTubers to choose their own revenue share percentage. Also they offer free Web Hosting, No Lock in Contract, Many payment types, High CPM, Faster Payments, Sponsorship’s and genuine 24/7 support.

YouTube networks also help you to increase your channel viewers and channel subscribers by doing cross promotion on different web. They also Sponsor their all network partners.

While running a YouTube channel you must be in need of several types of music to make your video which doesn’t come to you free of cost but when you are under a MCN, you are going to get access through several sorts of music from the Free Audio Library like Free access to Epoxy, Free access to AudioMicro, Free access to Epidemic Sound which helps you to grow faster on YouTube. Services like any Audio Library takes approx. $10-$15 as the license for a song, where in a MCN we are getting it free of cost. If we make 1 video under the network in a week, we usually save up to $48 on what we are getting for that money on music instead just paying $20 percentage to the MCN through AdSense.

Also many MCN offer many effective tools like Tubebuddy, where you can easily manage and optimize your YouTube channel.

finally the main factor which is very important to understand is  your dedication to your channel. No MCN can make you the next Tyler Oakley overnight. Thinking that you have joined a MCN and your small channel will become the star in few days will be totally foolish. No, MCN can do such except you. You have to use the multiple resources a MCN providing you, with your intellect to grow your channel. You have to do a lot of research to enrich the growth of your channel. It can be the tutorial videos  which will be beneficial in improving your content or you may also find out the cost of some online video and special effect courses, the effect of which will be surely seen in your creation in exchange of a couple of dollars. Where without the MCN it will cost you approx hundred of dollars.

Also You have to choose the correct network  based on your channel’s type. Like if you are the blog makers of current affairs and news you shouldn’t be joining a network which mostly attracts the gamers. So finding the right type of network is must which will link you to the members of your genre. So always go with those network who are offer partnership to all type of video maker.

So these are all benefits which you can get if you join a YouTube MCN. So if you want to convert your Small YouTube channel to Big one then search a best YouTube network where you can get all the benefits and features which we stated above.