Now you can surf your favorite videos faster and do a lot more with YouTube Mobile App. Simply download this mobile app on your Smartphone and enjoy the latest features, the app offering you.

With the advancement of technology, nowadays, we use YouTube more on our mobile devices than our PC. So, YouTube has brought to you the redefined Mobile App to give you the best mobile experience while accessing YouTube.

The initial reason behind updating the official YouTube App is just to make it easier and user friendly for the viewers to surf their favorite videos more smoothly and also, creating one such video with less difficulty with the app. It is for the welfare of both the subscribers and the creators.

Main three tabs in the updated version of YouTube Mobile App – Home, Subscriptions and Account.

Home tab is filled with the recommended videos based on our likes, watch history and also the personalized playlists, making it more amazing to discover videos of your choice.

Subscription tab enables us to find the latest videos from our favorite channels. There is a “Bell” icon provided there, by which we can make sure of getting updates from channels of our choice. It assures us of not missing a single update and gives us instant notification whenever a new video is posted.

Account tab is there for all of our records. From uploaded videos to playlists to watch history in a single spot.

This Mobile App also enables us to watch Full-screen vertical videos with just a single tap. You can also create mind blowing videos by yourself with the video creation tools.

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