Now get more views with Youtube’s Cross-promotion strategy by YouTube Playlist for Playlist concept.

Now you can be double assured that Your channel is getting more views than before as YouTube has introduced its Cross-promotion strategy.
We the YouTubers are well familiar with the “sub4sub” concept in which if someone subscribes to your channel , you will subscribe back to them. But the problem in this method we all faced is that neither it helps us getting more views to our videos nor increases its discover ability.
The idea of “YouTube Playlist for Playlist” is thus beneficial in this prospect. When YouTube calculates the ranking factors for their search engine result and the recommended video list, they always consider the Playlist number a video is included in. So, you can gather more views than usual by people who are indulged in watching featured playlists of channels.

YouTube Playlist for Playlist

In this YouTube Playlist for Playlist policy, you will add your video to a playlist featured on your channel if someone does the same for you.
The term “Featured” is very essential as per the policy. According to the terms , the playlist must be on the Front page of your channel nor in anywhere between the tabbed list. It should be within the top three rows of your channel.Playlist should be named correctly so that the viewers can easily get accompanied with it like “Featured Gaming videos” or “Featured Cooking Tips” etc. You can also create a “Featured Videos” playlist that will have all sorts of genres in one single place.

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