As we all know that YouTube is the second best leading search engine worldwide which has over billion visitors per month. For its giant network system it is not something astonishing to get millions of views from its organic search results alone. Below we discuss on how to use YouTube Video Keywords and confirm more video views and increase channel subscribers.

Most of the YouTube video creators find it very difficult to do the correct SEO (Search Engine Optimize) for their YouTube channel for organic discovery as YouTube is a search engine.

Making a YouTube video is not such tougher than to find the right keyword combinations which will take your video to the front spot for the high volume search phrases. It is the most common difficulty found by most of the creators.

But this problem can be solved easily if we intellectually follow few steps…

Step 1 : Finding the best YouTube Video Keywords

The first job of YouTubers is to find which keywords are favored by Youtube’s search algorithms to let our video popup on the first search page of Google. If we successfully find that Google will surely spring the video on the front page of the search results.

For example, if we take the search queries for subjects that contain the phrase like “Tutorial Video”, then it tends to receive hundreds of thousands of search queries per month.

The search engines are mostly used to get information on certain subjects like sports, movies, celebrity, places, history, beauty, recipe, games, review etc.

Funny videos get the majority of views as they are largely shared in the social networking sites which for its humor gets most of the likes but the “how to” videos are not shared that much.

YouTube doesn’t know what your video is about so it is your duty to provide every detail. YouTube uses the Title, Video description and Tags to data-mine the video and to figure out the details so that when someone searches for a topic like “VidGenX Network Review” then your video is the top result. This is the benefit you get when you optimize your video with these types of keywords.

Google uses “AdWords Keyword Planner” tool to discover the number of searches for different types of things. If we look for “Vidgenx Review” in it, we will be able to see that the topic which is getting hundreds of views on some months are numbered with thousands searches on another month. Which clearly depicts that by having the video on the top spot it had garnered more views than it would have got if it had not been in the top spot?

If you don’t include the right keywords for your video, then you will only have the views from the people with whom you have shared the video directly, which will in return take a huge amount of time to reach the majority of crowd. So you should take the advantage of using the right keywords and can rest while the search engine will do your work to help you get traffic.

To find out the best keywords for your videos you firstly needs to have a market research on the phrases you think is best suited for your content or related to your video, and search some related keywords by AdWords Keyword Planner. You can also get some related keywords by visiting keyword tool website. This site will provide you with the popular search queries that are made around a subject.

Step 2 :  What to do with YouTube Video Keywords

Once the identification of the keywords were done then you need to include them in your video Title, Video Description and Tags in proper way then YouTube will place your video into the top spots for search results which is correctly done by proper fulfillment of the video’s fields for Title, Video Description and Tags.

Also You must include an article of 5000 characters into your Video Description field to get search engine traffic. You won’t be getting much traffic to your videos from the search results, if you don’t do so. It is because Youtube and Google are search engines that usually use TEXT to determine what a video is about.


Finally, for best results try making videos on popular searches. May be it won’t be that much interesting like making funny videos or videos of your choice but it will absolutely prove to be beneficial.

So, these are the some tips on how to use right and effective keywords on YouTube video title, video description and video tags. It must be helpful to increase your channel viewers and subscribers. If you have any questions about Domain name registration then feel free to contact us!